Dienstag, 26. August 2008

+++Summer is over, admit it.

+++Summer here in Lower Saxony comes to it's end.
I could say, that we had a lot of nice days, but actually, even I think we had too much rain now.
But that was allright, because I was at two festivals.
Wacken Open Air and Summerbreeze.
It is of unfortunate fate, that I can not reassemble my memories in order to interest and inform you at the same time. Furthermore I shall speak of my new school.

Now I am going to the Riccarda-Huch-Schule in Hanover. And, so far I like it.


You thought, there would be more, didnt you?
I am sorry, but I am already pretty worn down from all that new stuff coming together.
I am making a lot of new friends right now, working on a lot of new projects, I am working... and there still is homework and stuff like that.
Geez. Its gonna take me a little to get used to it again.

Okidoki, just wanted you all to be back on track regarding my life.
See you, or not.

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