Dienstag, 2. September 2008

+++A study on mankind

+++Since I am not going to school in Burgdorf anymore and have to use the train every morning I am kind of forced to be together with a lot of humans on close space.
Also, this way I get out of the flower-power-world in Burgdorf. I see people eating out of trash cans, sleeping in their own urine... all on my way to school and back.
I see the lemming-like work-zombies standing first line on the train stations. Imagine, a mass-panic breaks loose while the train is approaching. A hundred bloody suits on the railroad. Chaos. Just imagine the mess.

But that's not all. By the job I used to have (I quit for self-explanatary reasons) I got the chance to study my fellow homo-sapiens. I used to work as a calling agent, making surveys over the phone, as you can imagine, not the most pleasent job.
Anyhow, I spoke to a lot of people this way. At all I am guessing about 250 or so.
I was amazed and surprised by the collected stupidity I was facing. But I forgot the great examples I wanted to write about. So... uhm... how about some entertainment?

This was it and nothing more.

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Sören hat gesagt…

Ich find ja Zug fahren ist noch nicht mal so schlimm wie Straßenabahn. Gerade am Wochende Abends bin ich immer wieder überrascht wie viele Schlägereien innerhalb einer Fahrt ausbrechen können.

und Call-Center suckt.