Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2008


+++I discovered, that I liked the poll-idea. So I introduce to you: the poll of the month, short POTm. This month's (November's) topic is: what is your favorite armageddon scenario?

If you choose "other", please comment on THIS post and describe your idea.

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+++Darkness closes in. Earlier and earlier the sun sinks beyond the horizon now and there is nothing we can do about it. Temperatures fall below the freezing point already... this all doesnt bother me much. What really DOES bother me though is the fact that time is passing by extremely quickly these days.
I have been talking to Brit, Jason and Scott lately and it seems I saw them like yesterday, but that is way longer ago.
Yeah, I know, it's not the first time I am complaining about how time passes too fast, but now it really feels like someone pressed Fast Forward >> Button.
Not much longer until elections in America and I can tell you: it's not gonna matter shit. The media will make a huge thing out of it, which it absolutely isn't. There is a southpark episode, called "Douche and Turd", which sums American democracy up perfectly: Sometimes you have to choose between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.
Why, you ask? Obama is our hero, he is talking of CHANGE!
Geez. Do you buy every good, just because it says it's better then other ones?
Well, I actually hope for McCain to cheat, like W did. I see the odds standing for revolution.
With Obama elected I see the odds for assasination. Either way, they are standing against us. Eh, let's watch some American Gladiators and go to sleep. Our governments are watching after us after all and there is nothing to worry about...
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Dienstag, 28. Oktober 2008

+++Writing contest...

+++There is a writing contest from our local newspaper... some topics i should be able to write about... time to close all doors, windows and be alone with some white noise...

Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2008


+++My 2nd birthday party is now, until further notice cancelled.---

Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2008

Montag, 20. Oktober 2008

+++Too many titles for two strangers with wips made of self-disgust

+++As you can tell ive been listening to The Locust and War From A Hariots Mouth a lot lately. But now to something completely different.
Today has been an absolutely weird day. Things got together and fit perfectly, but still felt weird. Everything is changing and turning once again, but this time I am controlling it and I really like, what is going on right now.
Things are just running fine, seriously.

And now to what I actually DID want to write about... geez, all those distractions!
I'm gonna start off with a great shirt design from , a great but soap-opera-ish webcomic. Theeere you go:

Blogging. What is blogging actually? Well there are lots of different types of blogs but Im just gonna go ahead and sort them into two categories: personal and unpersonal blogs. Unpersonal blogs are blogs where people put up stuff for others to see, like kittehs, notes, political messages, videos, etc.
They have a general content and are more or less amusing or informative.
Then there is the other kind, like my blog, the personal ones. These you can also divide into two categories: diaries and opinion-blogs. Opinion-blogs are blogs, that show a person's opinion about things, still beeing absolutely subjective and stuff. I'd call Sören's blog an opinion-blog.
Diaries on the other hand can be devided into another two categories. (Are you still with me? Can you still follow me? If not, go ahead, drink some chocolate, relax and call me, tell me how much of a looser I am, because I think of stuff like this!)
There are the ones like mine, that tell stories, that are rather informative and there are these self-therapy-like waste-baskets for the mind. Its like a puke-bowl for someone's heart. I have to admit, I abused mine as something like that too, but I guess I stopped, I hope so, because I HATE THAT KIND OF BLOGS!
Jesus H. Christ! Why do people have to WHINE all day? I mean, there are better things to do with your time, like changing the things that are concerning you enough to blog about them... geez...

I found out some day some years ago, that I am a living parody on myself.

Freitag, 17. Oktober 2008

+++So the 31st it is...

+++Yeah. Dumb as I am I neglected the fact, that the 31st is also Halloween. So theres another poll at the side... Take a look at it, while I am creating the guest-list and invitations...

Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2008

+++Heroes of my time...



Marcel Reich-Ranicki was supposed to recieve a price. This 88 year old man was supposed to get the German-TV price for his life-time achievement- but he rejected it. He rejected it, saying, that modern TV is just crap and that he just does not want to be compared to all the other people, that recieved prices.


Sunday I saw Wall-E and I was AMAZED. This movie simply RULES. Not only is it a touching love-story, told in a way that even children can understand it, but it's also critic towards society. I love it!

Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2008

+++A man of art

+++A study on Richard Cheese and modern music culture.

Lately I have been listening to a lot of Richard Cheese and I have noted something: his melodies are really generic and so is the background music. You could basically take the singing of one song and put it over the background music of another song and it would fit. You'd have to change the meter a little and the rythm, maybe, but despite that It'd work perfectly.
But I love listening to Richard Cheese, because the lyrics seem so stupid. These two things taken together made me realize something: R C is a satirist. He just points out how stupid modern music is. It is ALL THE FREAKING SAME. And so are the lyrics.
Everything is just some mass-produced crap...
made for sale. Made for money.

Therefore I say: SUPPORT SOFTWARE/MUSIC PIRATES! Because if artists can not make music for money anymore, they will make music because it is a piece of art, because they want to say something. And with sharing softwares their message and art will be shared faster than anything else.

Support the pirates! Destroy the music industry! (I need a logo for that...)


Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2008

+++Passive agressive

This is a fun blog about passive agressive notes. You wonder, what that is? THose are notes, people write because they can't (or don't want to) confront a certain person directly on a certain problem. Usually they are very politely written but in some cases they are cynical and extremely aggressive. That's what this page is for. A lot of fun.

Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2008

+++Post one-hundred: You'd think I am smarter than that.

+++Hah, you thought I were smart? You fail.
this morning I woke up, seeing that I had some baaaaad, dark rings under my eyes. Well next to my bed, there was this ointment, that you are supposed to smear over your chest, when you have a cold. It contains esotheric oils and stuff like that. Also, it feels like it is sucking the moist out of your skin. I thought, that'd be, what I'd need and applied it to the areas under my eyes.
For a couple of seconds nothing happened. Shortly after I felt the worst burn I ever felt in my eyes...
Five minutes of scrubbing under water later the situation was resolved. My eyes are deep red now but my eye-sight is restored to a hundred percent and the rings are gone...
I will not ever do that again, though...

Well, I oughta get ready for school.

Montag, 6. Oktober 2008

+++Post 99

+++I am thinking about celebrating my birthday. Check the poll on the side ->

+++and stuff.

+++Well well.
Fall break is just a week ahead and I wonder: how did I manage to survive without it last year?
School is kinda killing me right now. Getting up at 5:30 ain't fun and games at all.
But the last week end was just a-freaking-mazing.
Starting off with a double-feature birthday-party friday to saturday as a blast-off, going on with a nice evening with Ina and Leif at the Oktobermarkt in Burgdorf.... I just had a LOT of fun!
There was just a lot, too much to mention. No way I could stuff this on here without boring anyone.
I just feel alive again at last.
Only thing that still concerns me is, that I still can not write in German. My German just sucks so much, its incredible. Seriously, I have to do something about it.