Freitag, 30. Mai 2008


+++So well, Baseball season is over and we blew the first off-season game, so there wont be any other. This means: Baseball is over. At least for now.
It is quite possible, that I will start it in Germany again, with the Hänigsen Farmers.
Yeah! Kick Ass!
Anyhow, today was pointless. We are in the last week of school and I can feel it. It is so absolutely pointless now, nothing happens. Nothing. Like, dude, why the hell am I here?
But whatever. Today I got honored together with about 100 other students for having good grades. Yeah. They honor us for doing what were supposed to do... uhm. Awright.

The weather is killing me. It's humid, hot, humid and sometimes it rains. Urk. Global warming is pretty much butt-sexing the planet. Yeah. Thanks Al Gore for not beeing convincing enough.

Oh by the way, if you think the last entry was about Amelia: you are wrong. It is not.
Otherwise it would have been in German, right?

Thats about it, just wanting to let you know I am still alive.

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