Freitag, 23. Mai 2008

+++On my mind

+++Chucks shuffle over grass. Combichrist in my ears. It is cold. My long leg hairs stand up. It is cold. So cold that i no longer shiver, I spasm. I put everything out of my hands because my arms jerk around too much.
Im tired and therefore my brain seperates reality into little pieces, small enough to digest.
Yellow streetlights fill the air with a feeling of city, of suburbs, of dead concrete.
I don't exactly know, why I am out here, in bathcoat, shorts and shirt with Chucks on my shoes, climbing on the playground stuff until I stand on top like some creature that just crawled out of it's hole and now enjoys it's first steps into the human world.
If anyone saw me they would freak out, arms out of control, the lips torn to a grim smile, the eyes wide open to see anything in the darkness...
German sentences pop out of nowhere into my mind.
"Was wäre wenn?".
Things I could live without: being tired. Being unconcentrated. Repeating myself.

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