Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2008

+++Racist Red Cross!

+++Yesterday was very exciting. So exciting that I HAVE to blog. Even cleaned up my room so I could go on Blogspot.
It began pretty light with a TV on the sidewalk, that reminded me awfully much of that Engelhai Video. IT was just lying there. Totally random.
However, that was not the only event on that day to AMAZE!
So BEHOLD! And let me tell the story!
Hey you there, stop jumping around! I am talking! You can go to the restroom later!

So yeah. Were was I?
Right. Wednesday.
It was the 21st, for those who forgot.
It was also day of the BLOOD DRIVE! ("Pray for blood!") I signed up willingly to give what I have. Yeah.
Bad news everybody, since I lived in Europe for more than five years from 1980 'til now they wont take my blood. Mad Cow disease they say. They are the mad ones, I say.
Well allright then, I'll keep my superior German blood. Pff.
Fine. Anyways, I also volunteered. Well, not so much. I basically spent all day taking pictures.
The rest of the day was mediocre, I skipped precalc (It is just annoying now, we watch videos and take tests on notes of ridiculous stuff like the exact problem that they are dealing with in it...). But then, but then. BASEBALL GAME. Against Vincent.
For those to whom Vincent High School is not a common term: it is the most ghetto school of entire Milwaukee. People have sex under the staircases. People deal and DO drugs IN SCHOOL.
Just to name a few things going on there on a regular basis.
Well to sum it up: their baseball team is as bad as their students. Or at least that's what we thought which is why I got to play from the beginning.
Yes. I played right field and 9th in the batting order.

Now let me tell you a little bit about batting. It is considered the most exciting and most difficult thing you can do in sport. You have to hit little round thing that is moving on high speed with another round thing, but only if that little round thing is in the right area and not about to hit you, which by the way hurts like a bitch.

Well there you stand. Nervous, your team counts on you!
All you concentrate on is the ball. The pitcher looks around, spits on the grass, takes the ball up and throws it. It is up to you to judge if it is in the area and therefore a strike or not.
If it is not: DO NOT BUDGE!
If you don't, that will suck.
A lot.
Believe me.

Playing field on the other hand is a nice and easy job, especially outfield. It is a little more running than infield but less to do. Just catch the long balls.
I did that. Catching a long ball. Yeah. Quite awesome, ain't I?

That was it so far.

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Sören hat gesagt…

ALso diese Vincent-High klingt eigentlich ganz interessant. Würd ich mir direkt gerne mal anschauen. Schade dass meine Schulzeit schon vorbei ist.