Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2008

+++A man of art

+++A study on Richard Cheese and modern music culture.

Lately I have been listening to a lot of Richard Cheese and I have noted something: his melodies are really generic and so is the background music. You could basically take the singing of one song and put it over the background music of another song and it would fit. You'd have to change the meter a little and the rythm, maybe, but despite that It'd work perfectly.
But I love listening to Richard Cheese, because the lyrics seem so stupid. These two things taken together made me realize something: R C is a satirist. He just points out how stupid modern music is. It is ALL THE FREAKING SAME. And so are the lyrics.
Everything is just some mass-produced crap...
made for sale. Made for money.

Therefore I say: SUPPORT SOFTWARE/MUSIC PIRATES! Because if artists can not make music for money anymore, they will make music because it is a piece of art, because they want to say something. And with sharing softwares their message and art will be shared faster than anything else.

Support the pirates! Destroy the music industry! (I need a logo for that...)


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