Montag, 3. November 2008

+++Save my time (, BITCH)!

+++Woah. I could not have written a more stupid headline. Anyhow, I was thinking today about daylight savings time (Zeitumstellung) and actually, I have to say that I like it! I do, and I shall tell you why.
During summer time, or daylight savings time the sun rises pretty early (since it is moving further noth of the equator) and you have lots and lots of time at night. During winter time, or standard time, the sun still rises somewhat early (because you set your clocks back one hour, remember?), but you don't have as much time in the evening, as you would in the summer.
Now, many people (like me) have to get up very early (5:30 AM in my case). Sunlight really DOES help a lot in keeping those people... alive. Yeah.
Ever since we're back in normal time and I can see the sun again, when I leave the house, my day is way easier to handle.
So if you have the chance: speak out FOR the daylight savings time!

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