Samstag, 26. April 2008


+++Comic #2

First of all today is someone's birthday, but I don't know if that person wants me to publish it.
So I'm just gonna say "Happy Birthday". But not to whom.
Also it is the anniversary of the Erfurt-school-shooting 2002 and the Tchernobyl accident.
Remember remember.
Unfortunately it's not november, otherwise I could use the rhyme from V for Vendetta.
It's just way too cool.

Yeah. I'm gonna go and see "21" today. sounds like a good movie to me.
Hmhm. Yeah.
Im kinda out of ideas right now.
So then

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Phönix hat gesagt…

als ich remember remeber gelesen habe habe ich auch sofort an V wie vendetta gedacht :D:D

rememder remember the 5th of november