Sonntag, 20. April 2008

+++One of these days, you know, full of GERMANS!

+++Where do I begin? What do I start with? There was so much, but so little. Nothing at all but it can mean the whole world to me. Or to you, or to anyone who wants to put meaning into it.
It's all a matter of perspective and interpretation.
It all began on thursday, when Ms Oppe, our second Counselor told me that they would need volunteers for the dinner and auction fundraiser for the German immersion program.
I said yes, knowing that this would take away a good part of my saturday, but regarding the fact that I was promised 30$ and FREE PIZZA, I said yes. I mean come on! FREE PIZZA? What else do you want?
On Friday there was another game, another one that we lost. So far we won ONE of 4 games, but we won it 14 to 0. Hah. Take that, Cardinals!

Well saturday came as always quicker than expected and caught me with my pants down, sitting on the toilet.
No, just kidding. I was prepared, had my hair straightened myself (and it even looked pretty decent, I am getting better!) and whore clothes that did not look too much like "hey guys, I'm gonna go kill some zombies/go on a concert", because Ms Oppe told me before that I was supposed to (and I QUOTE her!) "just don't wear your jeans. Its gonna be allright".
Well I arrived in my black pants and a black long-sleeve plus black hoodie (*gasp* just like Johnny Cash!) and was stunned. Everyone was wearing the BEST that they could have possibly found in their dressers.
Well okay. I was a bit early, it was a pretty fancy hotel down on brown deer, and I walked around a little, until the other two volunteers arrived. Sebastian (another German exchange student at MSL) and Danielle.
Let me say a few words about this particular Danielle. She is the third Danielle that I meet over here, she goes to MSL for a week now and she looks like a perfect copy of Anne P. and she is simply amazing!
I mean woah! Just so energetic and really really funny.
Yeah. She studies German at MSL (which is probably why she was there) and we had some really funny conversations in German (hers is really good) and with Mr. Willkommen and that new Intern from Switzerland.
The rest of the day we spent writing numbers, sorting lists and handing out things to those, who bought something at the auction. Really great except for ONE single fact: I did not eat between 1pm and 11pm.
You can imagine, I was HUNGRY.
Yeah. So I went to Ms Oppe not only to tell her that I felt betrayed for not knowing that I was supposed to dress as casual as possible, but also because I did not get my pizza.
Well then we went to Denny's (actually a really neat place...) and had some really great conversations, the four of us. And I bought a picture at the auction... just don't know what to do with it now... I mean I can take it home, but what then? Probably looks good in Boltenhagen, or when I move out or something....
Yeah, I could replace the Star Trek posters I suppose...

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