Donnerstag, 3. April 2008

+++I am legend XD

+++By the way, "I am Legend" is an awesome movie. But it has nothing to do with this post.
Its more about... me. As always. Its all about me. Didnt know it? Dont like it? Well there is that bar on the top of your browser window, feel free to enter another address. Or you know what? Go outside, take a walk and enjoy life!
Actually I planned to do a prank on you, the readers on April 1st. I planned to say something like "FUUUUCK I GOT CAUGHT FOR SMOKING WEED THEIRE SENDING ME HOME!", but then I thought that may cause too much panic.
My baseball coach however pranked us pretty badly.
Yeah, that leads me to my next topic. Baseball. I get more and more compliments, because I am getting really good.
Yeah, I am good. Too good actually in a certain point. For example by now I compare everybody to me because I love myself so much. And you know what? Those comparisons leave me in a pretty good light. I love especially my hands! Yeah.
Things that dont run good right now?
Not that I'd know of.
I went to the Christian Youth Rallye of the Southside Church. I loved it and I definitely heard the most powerful preachers ever there.
It's all about choice and remember kids: do not smoke in a meth-lab!
P.s.: It seems to become a habit again in Burgdorf to commit suicide. Guys, thats gay. Totally not cool. Just because I am gone, I tell you...
aah, I probably shouldnt make fun of that.
I feel sorry, that some see that as necessary. It never is, believe me.


Sören hat gesagt…

DU bist eingebildet wie Fisch! Die Selbstmorde gingen erst los nachdem ICH weggezogen war. Ich wette das waren alles blutjunge wunderhübsche Jungfrauen die den Gedanken nicht ertragen konnten mich nicht mehr bei Roßmann an der Kasse zu treffen.

SM hat gesagt…

was für selbstmorde??????????