Donnerstag, 27. März 2008

+++Why the hell am I doing this in the first place?

+++I have to be creative in order to keep every day an adventure.
Today I have put a lot of effort into it and I must say: I was quite successful.
My day began about 6 or something by waking up out of a dream. I dreamt I had a seizure. For some reason my reaction was to get up and unplug my alarm clock. Yeah. Right. Anyhow, I had a huge headache when I woke up again (which probably caused the dream) around... 9? Yeah. Must have been 9.
The dog was outside. Barking. Bark bark. Yeah. Stupid dog. Whatever, If he wouldnt have been there I would have woken up later. Which would have lead to me being late for Baseball practice.
So I threw in some food... Uhm... a sammich and... hmm... something else. And tea. Tea is good.
Yeah. After that I put on my boots and my light, brown jacket, since the sun was shining and it was going to be warm. So I thought.
I could not have been more mistaken.
Keith drove me there and I had only 3 minutes for running into the gym, going to the locker room, dressing up and getting out. So I forgot my sweat-jacket in my locker. Great job, Conny, way to go!
Practice was great. I dont miss any balls anymore and my throwing technique is by now almost perfect - regarding accuracy.
Well, as perfect as it gets. Im not a professional yet, I could not hit a pop can from 50 Meters.
Anyhow, at some point we went outside to train the long balls that go far into the field. Who hasnt got his jacket? That's right, it's me!
The sun apparently decided to disappear behind a layer of gray clouds and first snow flakes fell from the sky.
"Next exercise: You lie on the ground and when I say 'go' you run and get the ball!".
Lying on the still partly frozen and muddy ground is not vacation. Running after being cold is neither.
One out of 10 actually managed it to catch the ball.
Brr. So we went back, Coach talked to us. Were gonna have pitching-practice on tuesday. Before school. Why before school? Because we have a game after school.
Yeah. Allright.
Anyhow, I wanted to go and see Alyssa after practice and since Margaret and Keith couldnt drive me I had to take the bus.
Lemme tell you: there are some weird people on there.
And riding the bus is seriously complicated.
There are no plans that are actually accurate, no time-schedules on the stops... I can really understand why no one likes the bus. Its so ghetto, all those screens in there that go off every time the bus goes over a bump, all those rotten people in there...
Well the time at Alyssa's place was fun, I met three new people but forgot their names. Her family is as weird as she is (she is definitely the most interesting person I met over here so far)
and we really had a good time. Yeah. Gonna do that again some time, maybe.
Because the way back sucked ass.
It was snowing horribly. Everything was gray and cold and wet and cold.
I waited forty minutes for my bus. THe second one I had to take just didnt come so i decided to go into subway and eat a foot-long.
Yeah. Margaret picked me up there.
I was home two hours later than i intended.

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