Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2008

+++Gentlemen, get on your marks!

+++Surprisingly I am able to eat right now. And I did eat, a lot. On the other hand I can not sleep. But that's allright, I want to sleep on the plane anyways and I can adjust easier to the other time zone that way!
It is freaking hot right now. And still, I will have to wear my parka and my boots tomorrow, just like on the way here, because there was no way I could possibly fit either one of them into my suitcases.

Things got wrapped up pretty quickly these days.
On wednesday there was this good-bye-party thing from church where everyone said how much I inspired them. Casey for example will learn German for my sake and started doing calligraphy, after seeing me do it.
And everyone asked me to come back some day, that made up pretty much for tuesday, I guess.
Today, or more yesterday, for it is after 12, we went to El Grecco, the restaurant where we ate the very first day to close the circle-sort of speak.

I wish I had a good book that I could read now to make me tired, but all my books are in suitcases and I am afraid to open them, because I dont know if I would be able to close them again. Also I can not really open them either... scary.

Anyhow, it is just 8h 30min until my plane leaves Milwaukee. Holy crap, that is just way too fast.
It all feels just like a fever-dream, somewhat real but with this terrifying element of weirdness, complete with the fast-forward thing going on.
Today was absolutely surreal. I felt like I just got here, like I was tired, because I just got off the plane. So odd.

Interesting thing is, that I made it to have contact to Scott again. Not much, not often, but he responds to stuff I write him again. That is a little victory, I guess.

How to go on with this blog though? My plan for now is that I will blog bilingual, once I am fluent in German again... well it's not like my German is horrible, but it doesn't satisfy me at this point.

Well guys, it's all been fun and games, until someone lost their German...

That was it and nothing more.

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