Sonntag, 15. Juni 2008

+++Indestructible Opiate

+++Well today yesterday friday I went to Best Buy and bought two albums. Indestructible by Disturbed and Opiate by Tool, completing my Tool collection.

Indestructible begins pretty nice with sirens and gunfire, followed by hard riffs and drums, the singer apparently made some progress, he doesnt sound the same. But after listening through it I have to say: it is ten thousand fists 2.
Nothing new and all songs sound the same. Bleh.

Opiate on the other hand is very funny. Even though there are only few songs on it it is just very amusing to hear what Tool started up with. It is more straight to your face metal with clear understood messages. Nice! I like!

Thats about it. I'm very busy beeing on stage lately for Vacation Bible School. Yeah, laugh at me, uuuh, I am doing something christian. Whatever, I just want to be on stage again and bath in cheers and claps and feel the incredible amount of adrenaline!


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