Dienstag, 10. Juni 2008

+++Out of words.

+++Wow. I am sitting here with so many tears stuffed in my skull that it is about to burst. I would love to crack open my ribcage and rip out my heart, that is now swollen with emotions, so overwhelming, that I can't even find a word for it.
Where to start? Where to begin?
Ouf... I'm gonna try it with a song first.
Here you go.

Can't embed it. Just go to the page.
Okay. Today was graduation. I got a certificate of completion, since I am not a senior. It was just like you see it in the movies, people with squared hats, throwing them high, bands, certificates, gratulations... etc.
After all the exchange students (including myself) were honored as well, just for beeing there. Wow. However, at the end of the ceremony we went to the gym, in which there was a buffet.
I said good bye. I hate doing that. I have been an emotional bulldozer. Shit. I wont see most of those people EVER again.
This feeling absolutely kills me.
I could cry.
I should cry.

By the way, the Marilyn Manson autobiography is absolutely awesome. As offensive as his songs but funny and interesting. Great prose.

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Basszwerg hat gesagt…

alta..den song zu hören und das zu lesen lässt einen dich verstehen...

ich hoffe du wirst dich hier schnell wieder einfinden.