Dienstag, 17. Juni 2008

+++Im spooked.

+++My head is aching. My stomache is revolving. I feel dizzy. You wonder why? You want to know why? I got a letter from YFU. Travel information and my tickets. It's official. I'm leaving.
I'm leaving everything behind. Dang, that's just... woah. I've just read through it, bringing up memories from my flight here up. Ugh. I feel horrible. All that excitement kills me, just like at that weird Thursday that was determined to change my life forever. Was it a thursday? Yes, I remember it was. I remember so much, like how I was trying to throw up in Heeßel, but couldn't, or how nervous everyone was. I was so pale. And I remember chocolate. Lots of it. I ate it all on the transatlantic flight, because I had been unable to eat. Hopefully this time it wont be as bad.

But still, I'm spooked.

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