Freitag, 21. März 2008

+++Hot Fuzz and cold snow

+++Yeah. Today I saw "Hot Fuzz". It's made by the same guys who made "Shaun of the dead" and you can see that in the way the camera is used. It is really awesome, brutal, funny and really a good job. Even though it is SUPER-bloody. But whatever, doesent bother me anyways.
Today we got 9 inches of snow. NINE INCHES. Dangit! And I thought we had spring. Whatever.

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Was ist das: geschlossene Schneedecke und Schneetreiben, viele Verrückte stehen um ein Feuer und trinken Glühwein, über die Lautsprecher kommt: "Last Christmas!"
Na klar: Osterfeuer in Heessel!