Donnerstag, 13. März 2008


+++Soo, allright, now Im gonna start and blog in English now. Why, you ask?
Well my boundaries back home become weaker and weaker and therefore it becomes harder and harder for me to form German sentences.
So, whats cracking?
Not very much actually. Now I am part of the Baseball team at MSL and I am really looking forward to practice without being pushed to it, well I hope my self-discipline is enough by now.
Spring fling is over and was a major dissapointment. Despite my expectations it would be as cool as Homecoming the music was just crap.
So I spend most time sitting at the side, talking to people. But hey, that way I made couple of new friends.
This weekend plans are band practice (I am no longer the Bass player but now the keyboard player) and Chris will eventually come over.
Also spring is coming and the weather is getting better and better.

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Basszwerg hat gesagt…

wie nennt man nochmal die leute die immer mit der band rumhängen???...


keyboarder : P