Dienstag, 25. März 2008

+++Month of the shoes

+++So yesterday I was out with Jason and Kara because it was Kara's birthday, ergo we went to applebees. That is a pretty mean place, they always make it seem so delicious in the commercials but then it tastes like crap. Whatever.
And since we were at the mall anyways we went inside and I bought a pair of CHUCK TAYLOR shoos. For 35 Dollars. In Europe I'd pay 70 Euros. I feel great.
And its the second pair of foot wear I bought this month, the first one were my boots.

Today I went to Body Worlds. I never thought I'd do that, but since Margaret invited me I went.
It was not really educational. I mean yeah, I got some information out of it, but I knew most of it and it did not like bring a real new perspective to anything.
Not really.
And some stuff was just unnecessary.
Plus Gunther von Hagens has a hillarious German accent. That was just way to funny.

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