Samstag, 15. März 2008

+++Oh well...

+++Yeah, here you go with a video of "BLACKCAT SYNDICATE"'s first band practice.

NIce stuff and we almost finished the first song. Yeah, I am that dude at the keyboard.
Yeah, my hair got pretty long by now and I am really proud of that.
It's probably been a long while since any one of you saw me in motion and I apologize that you can not really see my face.

Now, last night I was just looking up the wikipedia article about tool and found out that their singer had a side project, called "A perfect Circle". And I have to say: they rule! They are almost better than tool, which is right now my favorite band since I have the Undertow album.
Some nice stuff I must say.
Anyhow, while I was listening to that I had one of my EMO moments (oh, did you know by the way that there were EMO drags in Mexico? Metal and Rock fans were randomly beating up Emos... uuuh, that makes some angry blog entries :D :D)
as I was saying, I had one of my weird moments. And I had those two lines saying "She was right and I was wrong/ and I have been all along" popping into my head.
So I made it into a poem, there you go:

Oh well

She was right and I was wrong
and I have been all along
but now that she is forever gone
I have to admit that I'm alone.

Its gonna take a while to heal out
It will make me cry and shout so loud
but in the end I will be proud.

It was not a grenade exploding next to me
more like acid dissolving the "we".
I wonder what the next step might be.

Sitting alone in the dark with paper and pen
I know it will be over, its just all about the "when".
Closing my eyes, turn up the volume, turn all Zen.

Take me, oh sweet gray rain
take me, my friend, my pain
take the rest that I still have
take all that I never gave.

Yes, I know very symbolic and yes I know what that poem that just came out of that dark nowhere in the middle of my head is about. Hell yeah, I know what that means.
We all do, or you should if you know me for longer than a year.
But this time I know what I am going to go through, and I think I am prepared. Well, okay, I said I was prepared for everything when I entered the plane August 23rd.
And let me tell you my friends, hope dies last.
Uhm... well... yeah. Somewhat.
V for Vendetta is not always quotable.

Dangit, I almost forgot: I had my first open MIC time! I was presenting poems I wrote in front of the school...
gotta find it... it was awesome... just hold on a sec, I gotta go to my room and find it...

...ah yeah, I have it now. I had the idea for it while washing dishes the night before the Mic-Time and I wrote it on the school bus. I forgot it on the bus but fortunately I memorized it while writing. Human brains are amazing! *uuuungh... braaaaains*

Human Behavior

This may offend you or make you mad
but let me tell you what Sigmund Freud once said.
He once found out that almost all we say or do
is determined by our sexual drive
not only the animals in the zoo
not only husband and wife
but every single one of us
is guilty of a "sin" called "lust".

Most people dont want to know
and say their behavior would not show
that this simple fact is true.
Let me tell you: they have no clue!

They live and deny the truth to it
and to silence their inner demons they buy a bunch of sh...
iny things!
And then they wonder why they're out of luck
while all they had to do is F...
ind a partner
and live happily ever after!

The audience laughed, cheered and clapped and Mrs Loosen was pale as a ghost, because she thought I was about to say the real words. Oups.
And yeah, while others were performing I wrote another one that popped into my mind.

Friends of mine

These guys there are friends of mine
I enjoy their presence like warm sunshine
One for all and all for one
remember me, when I am gone

I have no cancer, no fatal illness
but in my heart is a fatal will-mess
All for one and one for all
You are there, when I tumble and fall.

Even though I'll leave you behind
believe me, you'll stay in my mind
I for you and you for me
more than memory you will be.

Home awaits, my bags are packed
socks in my pockets and jeans are stacked
I stand and wave you one more time
you, the people I call friends of mine
You for me and me for you
Hope you'll feel the same after I flew.

So thats it for now, thought I owed you guys a longer entry or smthn.


Phönix hat gesagt…

V wie Vendetta ballert einfach nur

Anonym hat gesagt…

Du solltest das zweite Gedicht: Friends of mine; unbedingt an Scott schicken. Ich glaube er wird es sehr gut verstehen und sich erinnern, was er aufgegeben hat. Scarlett

Anonym hat gesagt…

Mehr zu sehen gibt es in NAKED HEADBANGERSSSS!!

Basszwerg hat gesagt…

Das dritte find ich total geil...
das zweite find ich ... naja... läuft... aber nicht halb so geil wie das dritte.

Das erste kann ich einfach nur Nachvollziehn...
schau dir meinen gedichtfunk an... is fast alles ähnlich bzw ähnlich inspiriert...

Müsli Bob hat gesagt…

Kann Jones nur zustimmen, das dritte is extrem [hier synonym für gut einsetzen].
ansonsten gehen mir ein paar dinge durch den kopf, wenn ich das alles lese, die einfach nicht bedingungslos dazu geeignet sind, öffentlich im www rumzuhängen.
hoffentlich schreibt man sich mal wieder... alles liebe