Freitag, 26. September 2008

+++Angry again

+++Call me a nerd. Call me a geek. Call me lame. Call me whatever you want to. But I got to say this: I am mad.
Let me tell you a little story. Some time ago Ina asked me for good games she could borrow. I gave her the StarCraft basic-game. This made me want to play StarCraft myself again and i started the single-player campaign again (so far I made it to the 4th mission of the 3rd campaign without ANY cheats!). But there was this button, that was grabbing my attention: "multiplayer".
I had not had played a while in
I found out why.
I mean I am not a bad player, seriously. But I got owned by so many douches with tower-rushes or some other unfair-unsportly crap like that... that just pisses me off.

If you dont get it, never mind. its just a game. Just a game... just a game...

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ichwilleinpony hat gesagt…

Man darf nicht vergessen, dass dieses Spiel nun schon seit 10 Jahren gespielt wird und ich nehme an einige der Leute die sich im rumtreiben tun seit dem auch nichts anderes.