Donnerstag, 4. September 2008

+++Sick and tired

+++I am sick and tired of beeing single. Yeah, it was fun. Haha. Good joke. Can I have that fluffy-easy life of having a relationship back? Can't everything be easy and fun again?
Seriously, it is pissing me off. All the nice girls are either taken or lesbians. All of them. Yeah, I am not patient. I know. Who cares? I think after all the sacrifices I made for my last relationship I deserve a new one.

Whatever. I am just another emo bitch.

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AM hat gesagt…

Ich habe letztens in der Bücherei ein Buch für dich gesehen. "Endlich Single-und glücklich" (oder so ähnlich) ;-) Bis Bald mal wieder im Zug *haha*