Montag, 22. September 2008

+++Oooooof course it bursts into flames...!

+++Funny, how a single dream can throw you out of track. Its like a little stone on a rail road.
Im not going to tell you about it. Of course not.
Why would I?

Lately I decided, that life is awesome and fun. Whereas my definition of fun changed. You see, it is a society-thing, that defined pain and sadness as bad things. But I found, that you can actually enjoy them to some extent. And if you do and actually face them instead of putting them away it slowly gets better. You kind of talk yourself into happyness.
But it works, at least for me.

Yesterday was great by the way. I sat on stage and read a text of mine and got applauded for it. Amazing. Plus, some of the other writers told me that they liked my performance. Way to go!

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