Donnerstag, 25. September 2008


+++The media is somewhat amazing. They make money by telling people to buy stuff, they report about senseless crap and everyone is buying it. Literary.
Some time ago the care-taker of Germany's favorite polar-bear died. You would think "who gives a shit?", but apparently enough people do.
The BILD, a boulevard paper that claims to be a newspaper reported on it, front page. Seriously, is that necessary? Arent there any more things to talk about? Are our lives so miserable and insignificant, that we have to think about a polar-bear?
Yeah, he might be cute. But so what? My cat was cute too, when she was still a baby. Every cat is. Lisa's is too, I guess.
Why does anyone care?
Its the same with royals. I really couldnt care less, what the prince of Spain is doing. But I am nuked with informations about hom from every and every side. Just because they can.
I hate it. I freaking do.


Jan hat gesagt…

I was really afraid reading the shit about this guy on the HAZ's front page... (which is, i mean was, a serious paper)

Müsli Bob hat gesagt…

oooh yes, he is... well, in those few moments as he's not scratching and biting - he just knows about the things I like ;D